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Hi Cad
you are so clever to put the pics there for us to:hehe: comment on. Yes I understand that the red colour is one problem.
I wonder whether the colour started gradually or quickly. When we get symptoms we are not sure. My hands over 5 years started to get puffy, until 3 years ago the stiffness and ache were worst,:eek: abdo ballooning. I could only wear a watch with gaps, same as ring(ajdustable) then couldn't wear shoes only sportshoes.
2years ago first dr ran tests as seemed like acromegaly- all negative. Went to southern endocrinologist- hopeless:worried:.
Start last year so many symptoms-skin, :sad:gums,weight,pain, hands,feet, kidney, sinus, BP. So I imagine how you feel.
Rheumy in Sep said lupuslike symptoms, script for Plaquenil, and this has helped a bit:p.
Other specialists are leaning towards tissue problems now- had carpal op few years ago, sinus and gums, skin still bad. have further appts.:wink2:

So I hope you do find out more, ;)and we know it takes time. Take care.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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