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My husband has just been!

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My husband has just been diagnosed with Lupus. I am very worried and it all seems to be a very serious complicated condition. I am very scared of what treatment he is having as he says it all just seems like big words. He has quite severe kidney involvement and is awaiting results of a biopsy. He has already had 3 IV bags of steriods which havn't seemed to have much effect on reducing something in his blood which was 80, then went to 160 and then to 200 (I'm not sure what this is) but it was indicating that inflammation in his kidneys was very high. He is now undergoing Chemotherapy. I'm so worried can anyone talk to me about this, has anyone been through the same symptoms? He has headaches, muscle aches, fatigue and slight nausea.
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Hi Jan.

I am sorry that your husband is not feeling well right now and it seems that this is a shock to the both of you. I agree with the others that he is in the right hands. It is very important for you and your husband to be informed by the doctors what is going on, making you fully understand, what the treatment options are, what the outcomes are, etc. etc.

I know that when you are in a panic, you sort of let the doctors take control and sometimes we don't ask the questions and feel uncertain of what happened or took place.

Ask for some with his doctor, write down all of your questions and go over them with the doctor. This will also give you a sense of feeling and comfort about the doctors treating your husband.

Knowing the facts about the disease, the treatment options available, and having support does make a difference along with excellent communication with his doctors.

I hope that your husband reacts to the treatment successfully and I will say a prayer for him too.
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