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My life with lupus

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Reading others stories seem to help me so will write my story in hopes of helping others. It all started at the age of 17 one day playin a game of baseball the next day i had 2 swollen ankles then it hit swollen joints high fevers major weight and muscle loss life as i knew it was over.Being a teenager i was in denial i wasn't gonna change i still tried keepin up with friends partyin stayin up late tryin to work a full time job basically killin myself the way i look at it now. So after years of struggling with the disease bouncin from job to job never really gettin close to anyone cause it's easier alone i gave up one day i quit taken the prednisone aand plaqunil after being on them for 5 yrs and guess what i got better i dont know how or why never went back to doctor have led a reasonably normal life with lupus uup until this point in time now i get a good night sleep every night no alchohol or drugs or smokes eat healthy i've been able to hold a job and live a somewhat normal life for 10 yrs no meds which i never would of thought possible in the beginning. And i am very thankful for that am now 33 and seeing some complications low platelets so am back on prednisone and seein doctors. i know how hard it can be for a young man to get lupus not many out there so if i can ever help any body i would like to cause i never had any ,never even met anyone else with lupus. this is just my story it affects all differently it seems and i dont recomend not takin meds. keep fighting Dan
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Hi Dan and :welcome:

I'm sorry you found us under such circumstances :( but still I hope that you will learn a lot about Lupus here. Just as important this place should make you realise that you aren't alone in your struggle day to day with it :) There is always someone around who can identify with what you are going through and plenty of listening helpful fellow lupies.

Take care,


I am glad you did find us here and sure you will have a lot of information to help all of us.I sure hope we can be a great support system for you:).I sure hope you find out why your low platelets.Look forward to getting to know you.

It's A Start

Hi Tammy, Lily nice to meet ya :) I was thinkin at work today i have alot of time for that it seems.And I've decided i am goin to post on this thread on a regular basis. Me not being a very social person i think it would be good for me. And if it helps others or they learn somthing GREAT. Or who knows maybe someone just like me will come around and see it if not now someday.Though i doubt it probobly similarities but seems to affect all differrently.Like sunlight i've heard it come up in alot of posts but for me have never had a problem with sunlight or artificial. It took me over 10 yrs of living with lupus before i even googled the word. So my plan is to write about all the ways lupus has affected me over the past sixteen years since the age of 17 one at a time. Im sure i'll never run out of lupus bs to write about lol.So will start that soon and if anyone has same or similar or different experiences feel free to join in .
Hi Dan,
Sounds a good idea that and very therapeutic. Great that you had 10 years free of all symptoms too. I had 7 years too but back with it now but not faring too bad. Thank goodness.
Be interesting to hear your stories of your Lupus experiences and Im sure it will help other young men too.
Like you say it seems to affect everyone differently so when you are in the depths of it its always encouraging to hear that someone has had good periods where they have been very well.
Hope you continue to not be affected too bad. Lots more knowledge and better treatments these days than when you first got it so Im sure that will be encouraging.
Im sure you will make some good friends here too which is never a bad thing.
Nice to meet you.
Sal x
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