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It's taken awhile, but I think I have a good list of what makes my life somewhat easier with this heavy cross we must bear!

1. Most important to me is to find a team of doctors that you really are comfortable with, trust, and you two are in sync with each other, and they in sync with each other as well (aka they communicate with each other on their findings and their thoughts so you always know that the information you're receiving is not just one sided)! This is very hard to do, and can take years to find! But once you do, a big burden will be taken off of your shoulders! Also, another factor of a good doctor is his/her LOVE for tests, tests, and more testing! That, to me, proves s/he really wants to pin point exactly the issue, without doing you more harm then good by jumping the gun!

Now the fun stuff

For the summer time:
2. A great makeup foundation/concealer for those pesky rash!
3. A great SPF to keep the sun at bay!
4. A great sun hat for even more ammo against the sun!

For the winter time:
5. Handwarmers (those little individual packs that you open to activate) to keep the raynauld's away!
6. A great heated mattress pads to keep your toes from turning blue!
7. Thick flannel sheets that are velvety soft!
8. A nice down comforter!

For all the time:
9. A great lotion! (Now that I know my rashes arent from an "allergic reaction" to scented lotion, but instead to the sun, I have a HUGE collection of frangrant skin lotion, esp. from bath and body works! ahhhh the joy of wearing scented lotion again!) Vanilla Noel is my hands down favorite! Smells like cotton candy! lol
10. A great moisturize4r! I just discovered SHEA BUTTER! Great for the hair and my chapped lips too!
11. A great moisturizing body wash! I'm loving Bath and Body work Tru Spa Shea body wash right now! Light crisp lemony scent, with tons of mositurizing agents!

Okay... YOURE TURN!! What makes youre life easier?!

PS... o yeah... I forgot the bottles of pills that makes my life easier too... lol

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Looks like your list is pretty comprehensive! I would add just a couple of things...

1) Microwaveable Hand Warmers (hand "socks" that are soft & fuzzy) for stiff arthritic hands

2) Microwaveable Neck Thingy - soft and fuzzy (see above)

3) Ditto above for feet...arthritis stinks!

4) Tinted car windows

5) Understanding, supportive family and friends...most important of all (next to faith and hope)

Thanks for the helpful tips!

Love, Pollyanna :love:

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Must haves....

I am new too all of this, and thanks for the list. I actually have this thing that you put the beanie bags in the microwave, and then insert them into this thing that wraps around your neck, thanks for the idea I have not used it yet, I got it along time ago, before I got sick. Your list reminded me of having it. The one thing that I would like to add to the list, is I bought an electric blanket, it heats my whole bed, of course I have to keep it on my side, it sweats my husband out. I keep it on all day, and whenever I get a chance I jump in it, it is like heaven. It only costs around 30.00.

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I sooooo agree with Julsie!!:rotfl:

No seriously aside the practical material things FAMILY, GOOD FRIENDS and this FORUM! :)


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My Goal Is To Use The Things I Write Down, I Am Kind Of Resitant To Change

1. sunscreen for my face, I just bought some that is hypoallergenic and fragrence free, the regular stuff burns my face and eyes.

2. Sports Coppertone Sunscreen for the rest of me, it doesn't sweat off

3. Hugs from Hannah and Gracie

4. The wild birds that I love watching and my conection to nature

5. My belief in doing something kind for someone else

6. Learning something new everyday

7. Being a suport to people around me

8. Always working toward something, a goal of any type

9. Those lovely pills, the shots, trying to eat and drink better

10. Early morning walks are going to be a part of my new life

11. Being open minded about new things, cultures, people

12. I want to start doing my artwork again, drawing, collages, crafts

13. Live peacefully

14. Be honest and not gossipy

15. Swimming in the early morning, or in the late, late afternoon

16. Get back to participating in the great American feederwatch, feeding the birds, counting them, noting differences and reporting them to Cornell University

17. My faith falls somewhere in between Christianity, Buddhism, and Native American beliefs

Good thread and it makes me think about what makes my life worth living, thank you! Karly:p

Oh And CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My list of things that make my life easier to deal with:

1) Martin (hubby) i don't know what i would do without him, he helps me so much both emotionally and phsically.

2) Meds especially pain meds.

3) Microwavable beddy bear and wheat wrap, for the aches & pains. Especially tooth ache as i am having so many probs with my teeth at the mo.

4) House alterations - stair lift, bathroom conversion (walk in shower) and also my new electric adjustable bed.

5) My wheelchair, it as given both myself and martin so much more freedom.


7) My GP she is amazing, she is on my wave level and seems to totally understand what i am going thru.

8) This web site & the special members, thru the years that i have been a member it as helped me so much.

I am sure there are many more things that make my life easier but i can not think of any right now.

Take care :hug: Jo :hug:

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I have to go with Julsie and Pollyanna

Chocolate (although I am trying to cut back) cos I'm getting too fat lol!

Handwarmers to take out with me in the colder weather

My microwave neck wrap (have one at work too!)

Hot water bottle for my lower back pain

A brain that works lol - might stop trying to fill the kettle with milk and get out complete sentances:rotfl:

Good sun block and a decent hat and sunglass for the sun and air con in the car so I don't have to open the windows!

Peace and quiet (and candles) at the end of a day to relax before bed time, oh and a good book!


My Cats

Last but not least my wonderful husband!:rose:


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I agree with some of you, (I like this topic) so here's my top 10 (don't judge me for number 5!)

1. My family & friends (who keep me sane on my mad/bad days!) :grhug:
2. Chocolate (it did nearly come in 1st place!) :excited:
3. My medicines :jab:
4. Work (at least I can go, which makes me thankful) :writing:
5. A glass of nice wine :p
6. My comfortable pyjama's, bed and blanket :asleep:
7. Hair dye (because I blame a lot on being blonde!) :tuttut:
8. My laptop (keeps me in touch with everything & everyone) :yahoo:
9. A warm bath with scented candles and No. 5 (glass of wine) :calm:
10. A cup of tea and a chat with my Mum (when all else fails!) :princess: :kleenex:


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In no particular order:

1. My Hubby (always my No.1)
2. Meds - couldn't live without them.
3. My laptop - keeps me in touch with friends and the world in general.
4. Vaseline - I use it for so many things (nothing kinky folks)
5. My dog - he's seen me through so many bad times.
6. My family, including my hubby's - they've stuck by me and always supported me.
7. Music - you just can't live without music.
8. Homemade Macaroni Cheese - civilisation can not exist without mac cheese.
9. Electric Blanket - I can't believe how excited I get to jump into bed everynight.
10. Books - I never tire of reading & learning, knowledge is power.


Pam xxx

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My list of ten things. not in complete order though. brain won't work that way of course

1. that I am able to wake up each day to
-have a place to live
-have family
-have medications
- have doctors
-have children and grandchildren
- have this site, my pepsi and smokes
guess that was more. but it all is under one heading :lol:
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