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I agree with some of you, (I like this topic) so here's my top 10 (don't judge me for number 5!)

1. My family & friends (who keep me sane on my mad/bad days!) :grhug:
2. Chocolate (it did nearly come in 1st place!) :excited:
3. My medicines :jab:
4. Work (at least I can go, which makes me thankful) :writing:
5. A glass of nice wine :p
6. My comfortable pyjama's, bed and blanket :asleep:
7. Hair dye (because I blame a lot on being blonde!) :tuttut:
8. My laptop (keeps me in touch with everything & everyone) :yahoo:
9. A warm bath with scented candles and No. 5 (glass of wine) :calm:
10. A cup of tea and a chat with my Mum (when all else fails!) :princess: :kleenex:

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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