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My mom had a PET scan on Wednesday. She and my sister are scheduled to meet with an oncologist this coming Wednesday.

Sounds simple. But here's the thing. Mom is now saying her gp called her at home with preliminary findings and that the only thing that "lit up" in the scan was a small area on her liver of "atypical cells" of an unknown variety.

Meaning, it might be cancer or it might be mom making up things again. When my sister asked for the biopsy report to take to a different doctor, my mom told her the doctor's office had lost the biopsy report and that the tissue involved had been misplaced or destroyed by the lab.

This could all be true. Or it could me my mom, who we strongly suspect has Munchausen's Syndrome. We have been told before that she had a limited time to live. Of course, that was years before she was 83 years old.

Now, I'm just trying so hard not to have any emotions about this until we get the full story. I'm not close to my mom the way many people are. I talk to her and send her emails and cards and the like. But I never forget that she is always fully capable of doing enormous damage in just a few minutes. Every conversation requires conscious acts of self protection.

Nonetheless, I can't help being sucked in with worry. I don't want her to suffer the way my friends who have recently died from liver/brain cancer suffered. I dread what this would do to my sisters, who live near her and would have to care for her.

It's so complicated. I would miss her, despite the minefield I have to walk through when talking/visiting with her.

Just venting. And flaring a bit -- fever every morning when I wake up and late afternoon it gets up close to 100 F. Nasty deep cough is back. Ugh.

I don't expect anybody to have incredible advice. I just needed to vent.

Thanks for letting me spill here,

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Hi Sunny :) :hug:

That's quite the dilemna, is she still going to see the Oncologist with your sister? I imagine the Oncologist will want to see the PET scan and without those results will be reluctant to go any further.

Let us know what transpires............

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