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bernard, just to let you know that clare is right, everyone is very diffrent with their lupus, ive had it for 20 years now and ive been in remission most of that time the only thing i experienced was chostochondritis and depression

and that was in 2007 i came out of that and am feeling fine, no pain no depression absolutely nothing.

my only medications are plaquenil and an aspirin aday. so dont worry too much. stay on top of things with the doctors and the right medications.

i used to go in the internet and read about the worst case senerios out there
and to tell you the truth thats what i thing brought my depression on.

i got educated about the disease with the right information and the wonderful people on this site and am living life. whatever concerns you have about your mother, please post them on here you will get excellent advised
just like youve been getting so far.

so take care and stay positive. :):):)
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