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My rash pic

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Hi I've been having this rash on my face for about a year now. The pics doesn't show it well at all, but I think you can still make it out... It started off just a little bit on the left but has spread to both sides and is creeping down and is also above my top lip (where I have permanent white crusting). The red scaling was also in my hair line and on my scalp. I have had numerous symptoms such as fevers +insomnia, chronic abdominal pain.. The picture does not show things up at all really, but you get the gist. I thought it was contact dermatitis, but even though I now use nothing on my face and only non irritant hair gel, it still continues. I cannot work out what the **** it is and have exhausted all allergy ideas... (and this has cost a bit too!). The only thing is, I don't actually have the scaling rash on top of the bridge of my nose,..(but then again, I did have plastic surgery on my nose after an accident hmmmm). Like I say the picture hasn't shown it like it is and it's got to the stage now that it stings quite a bit too because it's a bit raw. I've never suffered from any allergy before.. I never put any creams, etc on my face and I have been super careful, yet this still continues to break out every couple of days, get slightly better, then come again..But, I cannot figure out what is causing it..I've cut out everything!!
Could this be lupus? I'm thinking it is, I've ran out of alternative ideas..My GP did not mention lupus...




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If I were you I would have a dermatologist look at it. Maybe a biopsy would be your best bet. Good luck.
Thank you Mary.

Yes, a biopsy will hopefully tell me what's wrong...

I took a slightly better picture today. I am being daft, or does it look a lot like a malar rash? It will takes months for me to get to see a dermatologist, so if there is a possibility it is lupus I would rather mention it to my GP..But I don't want to mention it, otherwise.

What do people think?

Many Thanks


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Rich, for what it is worth, my facial rash was a lot like yours in the early days. Much the same position, although I used to also feel irritation in my forehead, like I wanted to pull it off!

Are you having any other symptoms that make you think Lupus? You probably already know it is far less common in Males. It would be useful to know if you are made worse by being in the sun.
x Lola
You should see a dermy and see what they can do and find answers for you. I have sle and it was found by a dermy. If it is above his scope he will refer you to someone who can help. Best of luck to you.
Richard, I had a facial rash twice, took pictures of it both times, and all my
Rheumy said was no, it was not the lupus rash. Then I took the pictures to
my Dermatologist, who is alwise-and allknowing, and without even looking at
the pictures, he said, "Been a little upset lately?" in other words, mine was just
from stress. And as I found out later, he was absoutly correct."Stress=Pain".
So try to stay calm, write down all your symptoms, and keep posting.
It does look similar to a lupus rash, but it also looks similar to rosacea. It's very difficult to tell the difference between the two. I was misdiagnosed with rosacea as this facial rash was one of my first signs and I did not complain of any other symptoms at the time. Treatment with oral antibiotics and a facial gel also did not improve my facial rash... then other symptoms hit about 9 months later and I was quickly diagnosed.

Do you have any other signs or symptoms consistent with lupus and how long have you had them? If you do, then it might be worth asking your GP if he feels it is worthwhile looking into the possibility of lupus. Asking to see a dermatologist would also be a great idea. Best wishes with everything - let us know how it goes.

Thank you so much for responding. My other skin problems are a lot of white scaling in my ears, scaling on my scalp and redness around my hair line (itches like mad in my scalp too) and other parts of my face. The rash is not raised, but is mostly red and when very bad a bit crusty, white and a little flaky. The steroid cream I've got does not do anything...I had 2 operations this year so I imagine my body has been stressed. I have had the most chronic stomach pains (treated as an ulcer), and I get fever especially at night...I've always been very fit and healthy but I've never any spare energy these days and am permanently tired! (could be operations I suppose..)

My sister has Rosacia and hers seemed more bumpy and raised.....

Many Thanks
Hi Rich,

I second the idea of seeing a Dermy with your rash, they should get to the bottom of it. It çould be a lupus rash but it's very hard to tell with a pic, there are some other possibilities. Normally steroid cream should help if it's a lupus rash, at least a bit, depending upon the strength of the cream.

Do you get any joint pain, mouth or nasal ulcers?


Thank you all for taking the time to respond. Re the steroid cream, yes it does help a bit, but it also tends to make the skin white and flaky ..which can be more unsightly in the short term! I have had suffered from a nasal ulcer which has persisted for years. The rash is now in my eyebrows (and my hair line/scalp!). I have an appointment with my Doctor on Friday and I will mention my concerns.

I have taken another pic which partially shows a particularly bad flare up, (I have to admit though, I have been stressed with too much work this last week...hmmm?)


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Rich, when you see your derm, also ask him about psoriasis. That is also autoimmune and can cause the red patches and scaliness you describe and show in your pics. Good luck!
Hi Hope you're all having a nice day :)

Yes i will mention psoriasis thanks. I'm dubious about it though, because I only get this rash above my mouth and in the ear canals. (No wehere else on my body). Also, the scaling seems to just occur after I've put on the Eurax cream.(hydrocortosone cream). I don't get any itching either on my face, - only on my scalp...

I've been getting terribly disturbed sleep...waking up every hour alert and too hot (even though the rooom is cold), then after 6am I'm too cold...I have a miserable night. My blood sugar seems haywire...I'm so tired all the time. I came in tonight and slept from 7pm until 11pm!

Hi I went the my Doctor and he feels SLE is a possibility and is sending me for loads of blood tests which will take about 2-3 weeks for the results.

These burning hot sleepless nights are driving me crazy. I wake up every hour burning up me even though the room is freezing cold. This morning I was awake from 1 - 4.30. I then woke up again at dawn 5.30 freezing cold...It's starting to get me down...Is this an SLE symptom?
Hi Rich,

I am glad your doc is doing lots of tests on you to try and sort this out. Make sure you get copies of the results so we can try and help explain. They will also be handy to have for your future reference also.

Burning up and feeling like I was going to self combust was one of my early and most prominent symptoms of the disease. No joke you could feel the heat coming off me just standing close-by. Anti-inflammatories helped a little but it wasn't until I got on Lupus meds that it subsided. It was awful so I do sympathise.
Hi Rich

It might be an idea to keep an eye on your temperature and record it for any doctor appointments. Low grade temperatures can be a feature of Lupus flares.

Best of luck with the tests and let us know how you get on

Take good care
Hi there

My Doctor today advised me that my tests for SLE were negative. I'm a
bit baffled though because my rash was up today and as soon as he saw it, he said it was a butterfly rash. I know I should be over the moon, but I'm a little sceptical since the LFT was high (94) and the bloods were low. They have told me I need to go back for a repeat LFT in a few weeks (although this is the 2nd dodgy LFT test I've had in a few months and I barely was 94.). He just said the bloods are low and that there was a renal problem that needed to be checked again in 3 months. My Doc said the tests would definitely show up lupus but I've read otherwise and am not feeling entirely out of the woods yet. I've also been tolerating these sharp pains in both my elbows but there is nothing to see ...I was really surprised to see this can also be lupus..It's just weird because I have all these symptoms ... I'm a bit confused....
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Hi Rich,
I know how you feel,
I do have discoid lupus, but have many other symptoms of SLE, Check out my post-Discoid lupus & SLE symptoms.
Hang in there.
Hello Liquidoxygen,

I'm afraid I'm a little confused by your question, any updates on what exactly?

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