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Hi everyone - I hope that you are all pain free today and for the weekend !

My rhemo appt. today, I think my doctor wasn't feeling good today because he seemed quite "off".

He said he is glad I went to the kidney doctor and that they will follow me and that my kidneys probably are inflammed by Lupus.

The bumps on my knuckles he says are from Lupus and inflammed by it. He said Lupus athritis is a bit different and I shouldn't get the calcium deposits like I have on one thumb. I was starting to think my whole hand was going to have these on it. What to do? Nothing.

He said to try to get off one dose of Plaquenal. Now mind you, I just finished telling him this week have slept 3 days in a row 10 hours a night, fever, pain higher, although this morning I felt better. So I say will dropping a dose make things get worse? He says maybe not, let's try unless you think you should stay on it because of kidney disease.

Ok, first I am not the doctor here and he was giving me the option? You know what? I will post under medications for this so others can respond specifically to that question.

So blood work again and see you in 3 months.

Oh and he said if I get the flu again, stop the Immuran for a few days until better. I said will this makes things get worse, he said Lupus wise maybe but if it does get right back on...or just lower one dose.. because that 24 hour bug ended me in ER and sick for 1 week. Hmmmmm.....

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Hi Paula,

It seems odd to me that the rheumy would want to lower the Plaquenil when you have been feeling so bad this past week.

When I get the flu or a virus my rheumy has me drop off Cell Cept. The reasoning is that the medication is suppressing the immune system so it will take longer for you to recover if you stay on it. Since it is built up in the body I don't usually suffer any consequences. Only on one occasion did I suffer a setback.

Take care,
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