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My Rheumatologist says I have Fibro not Lupus

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HI, I stareted to feel really sick about 2 months ago. Lost 6 lbs extreme fatigue, weakness, bones ache GP did an ANA and it came back 1:320
I went to a rheumatologist and he ran all the ususal antibody tests and the only thing that came back was anticardiolipin and it was 10. Which is considered interdeterimint and therefore he said all I have is Fibro and to exercise. I feel so sick and my joints ache and im so tired all the time. Do I really only have fibro, what should I do. I also have hashimoto's so he said the ANA was from that, nothing else. These docitrs keep telling me I am depresessed as well, its very frustrating. Also I get daily migraines and terrible memory problems.
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You have a DX of Fibro, and some medication + A rhumy who took the time to make sure. This is good/bad!

A DX of fibro is bad enough, but since you did have a positive ANA and you have an autoimmune disease already, at least you will be monitored and if something else does crop up they will catch it!

I hope you find some relief from the meds however, do not be afraid to say if the results are not good enough or if the side effects are no good.

Remember you are your own advocate!

Good luck - Stephanie
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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