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Helloooo been posting alot recently hope no one minds..when my lupus flares its all i can think about im sure you know!!

I have ridiculously painful arms (between shoulder and elbow) and the muscles...i cant even sit down..get dressed anything without being in pain. it feels as if they are bruised.

Do you think this could be myositis? im seeing my rheumy on tues so can talk to him about it but am having bloodwork done beforehand and will try order a CPK test aswell...depending on whether my symptoms fit with what any of you who have had it before describe to me. thanks guys!! xxxxx
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Hi again Mooks,

My myositis problems are painful but, above all, it's an intense feeling of weakness and that weakness comes on when I try and use my muscles - for example if I try and hold my arms above my head or when trying to get up from chairs, climb stairs etc.

It's extremely difficult to describe as there is pain but, as I say, I think the weakness is the main feeling.

I also get a bruised type pain in my muscles but that seems to occur more from active disease activity and I decribe it more as "inflammation" - whether it is due to lupus or myositis I don't know.

Sorry, I can't help more,
I get the same thing.....When I touch my upper arm, thigh, back of shoulder I feel as if I were bruised. :worried: (thats just pressing it with one finger) I always try to think....did I bump into something and dont remember....Even if I have an itch, I will scratch it then still feel a bruising pain minutes after.
Is this what Fibro feels like?
Do post after your appt.
Good luck, Kim
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