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For those of us in the U.S.A.:

I was just at the AARDA website, and saw they need our help to get some important legislation passed ASAP that could help so many millions suffering with autoimmune diseases. I have Autoimmune Hepatitis and other autoimmune related things, so I can relate as well. I researched this legislation and it looks like it's in subcommittees right now and sure needs any help it can get to be voted in.

So 1st is the AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association) link about what's needed to help get this legislation passed ASAP. And below that is the link I found w/the actual House updates. Make sure to check the House link at the end to see if your Representative is already co-sponsoring this legislation first. If not, then please write a letter (example given at 1st link). And if your Rep. IS already co-sponsoring, then a nice, brief thank you letter would be helpful as well asking for their continued support to help move this along and get it passed ASAP. Thanks so much! :)

P.S. As of last update, there were 46 co-sponsors. They need at least 50 fast! The more the better. ;)

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