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Please see the addition to the Forum Guidelines ( top right of screen) which reads as follows:

Medical Qualifications
Please note that reference to or mention of any sort of healthcare qualifications either in screen names,or as member status, or in signatures, is not acceptable. This includes alternative and complementary practitioners as well as dental and mental health professionals.
Homepages that link to health and fitness related services count as advertising and are not permitted

We have already contacted existing members whose screen names refer to their medical qualifications. To change screen name please contact Joanne via PM and give her your new screenname. All previous posts will appear under the new screenname. Members may post using their current screennames while the change is pending

Please could all concerned members change their signatures and in some cases their member status to conform with the new policy.
Member status refers to the part under the name which normally reads "registered"

To change signatures and member status go to "UserCP" at top left of screen.
"Occupation" in the Profile is not affected by this.

Thank you for your co-operation

For Administration and the Moderators
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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