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neck pain

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Bit of a random one this... A week or so ago I had my hair cut, and while the hairdresser was washing it the pain in my neck was excruciating (you have your head tilted backwards over a sink). It's eased for the most part, but is still aching slightly now, although not to the point of me needing painkillers. I wouldn't worry, but I've been on varying doses of steroids for the past seven years. I've had dexa scans but they've all come back saying its possible my bones have thinned, but they're not sure because I'm too skinny (?)

Anyway, my question is, do you think if I'd done anything nasty to my neck it'd hurt more now? I don't want to go for an doctor's appointment if I don't have to ;)

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Fairy, I also am very skinny :( and every so often I would also get a pain in the neck - like if I'd trapped a nerve, or slept awkwardly. But after some painkillers it would just go. I'm assuming this pain is similar to the joint pain. Can anyone in the know confirm?
Yikes, I loathe that basin at the hairdresser ! So much so that these days I go to one of those places that i wash my hair at home before I do, then they just spray it with water when I am sitting in the regular chair.

With me it is always just my muscles acting up in my neck and physio really helps (Americans call it physical therapy I think).

My physio tells me that those hairdresser bowls are awful for necks, and he hates them too. Maybe you should have your doctor look at, and get a referral for some physio ? Works for me.

feel better soon, sore necks are miserable.

Muscles being annoying is probably a much more likely explanation. It was just weird because it's never happened before.

It may be that you had a small muscle problem with your neck when they washed you hair, and the wash basin experience turned it into a BIG problem.

Whatever it is, you should get it looked at if it hasn't cleared up. Sore necks are miserable


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