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Mass doctors

Oh, please please share names of good doctors in Massachusetts. I'm so glad I checked here before I booked at B&W. Right now I'm going to Umass in Worcester ..... I liked the doctor but she never really addressed my depression (be gentle please - it is the first time I have ever admitted to the "D" word); she just mentioned that I didn't seem too positive and that was after I had fought through it on my own. She also refused to write a letter excusing me from jury duty; I know my body and I knew that by November I would be extremely tired and bitchy (can I say that on here?). I'm only good in the summer time when I can sleep until I wake up ... (I work in a school)

Anyways, someone who has had a great experience with a doctor please please write me. And thank you in advance. I should have become a member of this site a couple of years ago instead of just lurking in the background.

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