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need info

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i would like some help please , had biopsy done on face nose and cheek the results came back both places representing changes seen in lupus erythematosus is raised

my gp thought i had lupus 4 years ago sent me to this doctor for a muscle biopsy put said no need my pain is from my back and the fibro...

i have been diagnosised with raynauds but it is only in my feet but sometines the pain in my legs is so bad. my ana is neg. but my c-reactive protein has been high for 5 years and my c4 is high.

itch very bad if in sun get rash on arms and some on face just feel so tired. my appt with the rhem is this month the 30th of march. i hope i can get some help have beehn in pain for about 8 year. i also have blood in my urine from time to time but i think something else is going on to. i have these brusies just pop up for no reason sometimes large sometimes small my plattlets are fine.

will the biopsy be enough for a diagnosis? so sorry to go on and on but it is so hard when it just keeps getting worse and it is hard to move in the morning 46 and fill 76:eek:
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Hello adaline,

It certainly sounds like it is time that you saw the rheumatologist. Have you been to see him/her before or is this a frist visit?

Diagnosis is based on a number of factors which can include bloods and biopsy results but also includes symptoms and family history. Lupus (and other auto-immune diseases) can be very difficult to diagnose especially when bloods are not clear cut but seeing a good rheumatologist who is specialised in auto-immune diseases can help a great deal.

If you haven't already made one, make sure you have a clear list of all your symptoms with you.

It sounds like you are on the right track, you have had the biospy and now you are going to see the rhuemy. I would advice that you start to keep a journal of your symptoms and questions. It is often easier if things are on paper and that way you also don't forget to ask a question you want to know the anser to. It also make the appt. go smoother. You will want the findings of the biospy sent to the rhuemy along with any other medical information that will be helpful to the rhuemy (like lab work, x-ray, sleep studies, mri's, cat scans, etc.). I wish you the best with your up coming appt. with the rhuemy. I hope you feel better soon.
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