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Need someones knowledge !!!

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Hi to all my friends, and I hope that you are feeling pretty good. I have
been feeling run-doen for the last 3-4 weeks, weak, tired,sleep all the time. It got so bad that my legs feel like jello, so I got out my trusty cane. after about 2-3 days, hubby thought I'd be better with my walker.
Now, this morning my Rheumy's office called, and said that looking at my last blood test, (on the 15th), she thinks that I have hepatitis"c ab" ?
I don't know what tests she ordered, but the office girl said that my Rheumy thought my liver count was way-off. Rheumy has already faxed over the paperwork to my GP here.Then he will decide what to do. The
trouble is that now he is on his two hour lunch break.:sad:Can someone help me? I thought "Hep-" of any kind, you got it from sex with an aids partner, or dirty needles, shoot,you guys know what I mean. :eek:. I know
a lot that goes on outside the lupus body, but nothing about what goes in. "Hep" sounds so "DIRTY" and I think you know what I mean, and believe me, that is not the case here. Can someone help make some
sense out of this for me? I feel like I have caught a nasty disease, and everybody is looking at me.:blush: I am waiting for my GP to call. Thank
all you guy's for your help and support, you always come thru for me, and I really appreciate. Luv:wink2::rolleyes:
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Hi Halfpint,

One of the rheumies that was testing my blood also thought i had some type of hepatitis,, but my regular rhuemy says it may be due to the all the meds i am taking. They never mentioned it again.

The following website gives very good information about Hepatitis.

For different types of Hepatitis you can go to this website.

A lot of information is in the world wide web at your fingertips, if you have a computer with internet. You can also search the lupussite for information, they are very resourcesful
I'm willing to bet there is nothing for you to worry about.

Let us know what the doctor says when he gets off of his 2hr. break

Take Care,
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I wouldn't get too worried just yet... because it's not at all clear yet why they are worried about hepatitis C being a possibility. If it's "just" your liver enzymes being way off, that can be due to many different causes including medication side effects or other fairly benign and temporary problems. My father had some fairly abnormal liver enzymes for a while and then it just went away. May have been due to medication in his case, may not have.

They won't know if it's due to Hepatitis until they run the tests to check for that specifically, and it's not clear to me yet that they have run those tests.
I was checked for Hep C too when my worst ever symptoms returned following having a baby and for some reason they never realized that me being off Plaquenil was a likely causing it - & instead they sought out other explanations.

I understand how you feel... and the worry about possibly having it... but it's not a "dirty" disease. It can happen to any one of us that has had sex - & that's just about everybody in this world! Try to think about it that way and hope it helps. ;)
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