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Needle Biopsy

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HI, Among everything else i am dealing with, now I must have a needle biopsy done on my thyroid. An ultra-sound showed a nodule. I will have this done on March17. I have had several invasive procedures done over the years, but this one is causing me great anxiety. There is just something about having a needle placed into my neck that is bothering me. I know I am probably being silly over this one and putting more stress on myself. Has anyone else been in this situation and if so, what can I expect. Thank you for sharing, Rose
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Hi Rose,

I would be anxious too, I am a chicken about needles, but often the thought is worse than the procedure. I have never had a needle biopsy but my husband had on on his lung and he was scared to death. Turned out better than he imagined, seems it wasn't very painful at all. He said it felt like a bee sting.

Take care dear and let us know how it goes,

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