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Needle Biopsy

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HI, Among everything else i am dealing with, now I must have a needle biopsy done on my thyroid. An ultra-sound showed a nodule. I will have this done on March17. I have had several invasive procedures done over the years, but this one is causing me great anxiety. There is just something about having a needle placed into my neck that is bothering me. I know I am probably being silly over this one and putting more stress on myself. Has anyone else been in this situation and if so, what can I expect. Thank you for sharing, Rose
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Hi Rose

I had a needle biopsy carried out on a Thyroid nodule last October. Like you, I was quite anxious about it. I wont pretend that it wasnt uncomfortable but I have to say the doctor and nurse carrying out the procedure were absolutely lovely and did everything they could to make be feel okay. I had a local anaesthetic at the site of the needle entry so that helped.

I still felt some pain though and if I was to have this procedure done again I would be sure to take some painkillers beforehand! The procedure didnt last long - maybe about ten or fifteen minutes or so all told. Then I had to wait outside and come back to them 45 minutes later so that they could check there was no bleeding. There wasnt :)

Mine turned out to be a colloid nodule which is totally benign so there was no need for further treatment. I was sore at the needle site for a day or two and a little bit bruised but otherwise grand.

Hope yours goes smoothly and that you have a good outcome:hugbetter:

Take care
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