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Nerve Biopsy

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Had a visit to my rheumatologist today. Thought it would just be routine. Went over my blood work from a few weeks ago. Doc is concerned about my vasculitis being flared up and is sending me to a surgeon for a sural nerve and muscle biopsy. Has anyone had this done? I see my neurologist tomorrow to get my EEG, MRI/MRA results. Started Topamax two months ago and have had some relief from migraines. The auras have improved also. Interestingly, since starting the Topamax, I've not had this weird pain and burning sensation in my right side foot, toe, ankle, sometimes hand pain that felt like it was in my veins. Could this all be related? I will definitely ask tomorrow. Just thought of it now. LOL :hehe:

Thanks for any input.

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I haven't needed to have a biopsy done, as all my nerve damage shows up in nerve conduction studies that I have done every couple of years to monitor the progression of my nerve problems.

What symptoms are you having that has lead to the biopsy ?

Good luck with the test results, let us know how you get on


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