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Hello Mumof3and welcome!

I'm sorry to hear what brings you here.

Being pregnant when one has lupus doesn't affect the baby. It can, sometimes, lead to more diffciult pregnancies, especially for those who suffer from another condition, APS, along with their lupus.

It is very difficult to say to what extent family history is linked to lupus. There is definitely a genetic element or predisposition but it is not the most common "cause" of lupus. I say cause like that because that's the whole point, no-one really does know what causes lupus.

I personally do have a family history of autoimmune disorders. It made me more aware of what was going on and helped me to get a diagnosis (though that still included a lot of pushing). I got treatment a lot earlier than my Mum or her mother which makes a huge difference. Despite her late treatment my Mum is a pretty "healthy" 70 year old. She was never put on some of the newer drugs that we are fortunate enough to have now. Although there is not yet a cure for lupus, the treatment provided today will, for most people, make a big difference to their life.

Worrying about whether or not your children may have a predispostion will certainly not help. It is helpful to be aware of what you have (if it turns out to be lupus) and keep an eye on things.
The genetic side of this in my family only affects the girls, so far, all the men (and there are a lot) are right as rain.

I hope you enjoy being here with us and find this site as wonderful as I have.
bye for now,
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