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Dear Goats

I have read and re-read your post so many times today that I've lost count. I still cant believe what I'm reading. I'm just so very angry on your behalf. This is an appalling way to be treated:mad: Its downright criminal :mad:

Is there some medical association that governs GP's where you live? If there is I would make contact with them and tell them exactly what you have told us. Failing that I would make contact with whatever public representative there is in your area. I know you must be exhausted with all of this but I'm glad to read that you are not going to go away quietly. If there is anything we can do here to stiffen your spine for the battle, just ask.

And for their information...there IS treatment for fibro. Specific treatment that has been FDA approved in June of last year - Lyrica. Here's the press release. So not only are they completely cold and callous - they are also incompetent and out of touch with current international treatments:mad:

When you get a new and caring GP (and I know you will Carol:hugbetter:) slap the others with a copy of that press release :mad:

Oh and here's another link from FM-CFS Canada which says

Fibromyalgia is included in the World Health Organsation's International Classification of Diseases, in the Tenth Revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) published by WHO in 1992 as follows:
M79 Other soft tissue disorders, not elsewhere classified
M79.0 Rheumatism, unspecified

From the same site above here is a pdf file which is A Clinical Case Definition and Guidelines for Medical Practitioners - An Overview of the Canadian Consensus Document. Particularly look at pages 12 onwards which outlines very comprehensively Treatment Guidelines for Medical Practitioners.

Slap them with this while you are at it.... :mad::mad:

In the meantime, we are all thinking of you and urging you to continue fighting for proper healthcare.

Much love
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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