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Hi Carol
just wanted to say I'm sorry that you have come across doctors who are not caring. :eek: It is great that so many have posted such great affirmation for you.
It hurts so much :( when we come across healthcare professionals who don't seem to know their job, and don't know that they are supposed to be a caring profession, not just a business.

I had such a GP, and after a year have also moved on, and was cheered by my first appointment when the new GP said that the 3 doctors in the new (3months) practice take an interest in all patients. When she saw all my test results set out in books, as were the Xrays, US and scans, she asked could I email them to her, as patient information from previous practices is only a trite summary.
Their fridge magnet shows the email address plainly. I had to wait for 4 months to get into the practice, as we have a dire shortage of GPs. like you, some GPs have died, or others moved on. I kept ringing and eventually they took my address, and said they would look at practice numbers, and I rang start of January, and had an appointment 3 weeks ago.
I have scanned all my info, and emailing shortly.

Strangely the specialist I had to see 3000 km away last week, did not want that info, just scribbled away, as he flipped through the tests only. We /they are all different:worried: .
The reason I decided on the new GP was that the local paper 6 months ago showed this doctor as having the foresight to send patients by cheap plane flights the 3000km south, where also I'd been finding specialists. We have virtually no specialists in our city, not even visiting.
So we have to be alert to find the GPs and specialists that we need, so hope Carol that you will. Will keep you posted.:wink2:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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