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I went to see a new gp today, I thought this was an actually doc appt, so list for meds ,dx and questionts I took with me
My fibro has been flaring and my anxitey and depression.
so I finally thougth wow know I will get good treatment

( my other gp died last april and my rhuemy will only treat lupus)

well what actualy happened ended up with me in tears and walking home i was so angry, not great walking home now I am in worse pain

I was actually interveiwed to see if I would fit into their heath heath office
1- they don't treat FM, it was claimed there is no treatment so why treat it
2- I have a complex case of dx, and they are not sure they can help me , it is a teaching centre and would not have the time to provide care with some many dx
3- they don't fill in disability papers
4-they would not fill my presciption that they did not dx
5- they will talk to the director of the centre and get back to me in a few days

I asked for pain management help. my rheumy doen'st provide that
I asked for treatment for my bipolar meds. they dont do that

I wanted to make so many comments. but at that point I just lost it and started crying.I have waited for this appt for three months. and was so looking forward to getting help with everything that the rheumy doesn't treat.

specially my walking and fibro pain which has been so bad lately.
they had me feeling back to 1989, when I was told that all these was in my head again.

I am just venting my friends. there is nothing I can do till I hear from them and then take it from there. why do we always have to fight to get proper treatment to get better,the stress of trying to prove you are sick is enough to make you sick
I am tired of being made to feel I am a complex case ,
when you have lupus and fm everything is wacky in the body,not our fault

I am tired of being made or allowing myself to feel that I am a fraud looking for treatment., it would be so nice to get rid of all of this and go back to work and never see another doctor again. but that is not in my cards right now. so why should I feel guilty I am sick and taking up doctors time to get treatment. should I just up and die because I am to complex for one doctor to care for. well news to them I am not going that route.I will find for treatment if it takes the next twenty years

long vent thanks for reading

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Thank you all for your support, this is the best and only place to get it

Joan I have saved the sites. and will be using them
when I asked to be switched to lyrica from amytripline I was told it was sold at the health food store so check it out or go back to my rheumy

it is all so frusterating. I called the social worker today that had referred me. she told me that is was the worst story she ever heard and was going to deal with it. and it was the social worker at the medical center there that got me the appointment. as it is a teaching hospital and was sure it was the best place for me to get complete and up to date treatment

today I am in a better frame of mind and will deal with it all. as some of the older members here know I have been fighting this stuff for four years. I get one step forward and two back

but this site is the one place that has given me the strength and knowledge to keep going. and everyday I thank God I found it.

thank you all

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Thank you kindly for your replies,then give me the courage to keep on
my province actually has a shortage for gp. something like 50 thousand without.

but we have walk in clinics to take over the demand. but you see a different doctor each time. it is great for colds ,infection and so on
I am still waiting to hear from the other gp.I will let you know. thanks Karen about the information about the meds. I didnt realise you could take both.. I will update as things unfold. this week I was approved for a walker. so I will be able to get out of the apartment. which will be a great help

have a good weekend everyone
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