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Hi there and welcome to the Forum.

Yes indeed you are a fairly rare breed among Lupies:) Approximately one in ten people with Lupus are males so you are a bit outnumbered! Having said that there are a few men here on the site so I hope they will stop by and say hello. You might want to post something in the Men With Lupus Forum also as that might catch their attention quicker - men being less multi-taskers so to speak :wink2:

Those injections sound painful:worried: Sympathies to you.

I can empathise with the amount of preparation needed to head out every day. I dont have discoid Lupus but I am quite photo-sensitive so I need to lash on the factor 50 every morning. Then there is the morning tablet routine, the eye gel, the wrist splints, the shoe inserts, breakfast, getting the little fellas lunch ready, getting him to the school bus and then heading to work! and thats AFTER the shower! :hehe:.....ho hum:rolleyes:

Nice to meet you
Take care for now
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