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Hi all. I was just diagnosed via a series of bloodwork. I've harbored a lot of the symptoms over the years, but wasn't really tested until recently following hospitalization for pneumonia, elevated liver values and kidney stones. I experienced my first flare with joint inflamation and skin rash on my hands and knees on the day my initial labs came back (which were initiated by PCP who is wonderful and thorough; a rarity I think). My ANA came back low positive (don't remember the exact numbers) and my neg DNA came back positive. I am following up with rhumetologist in a few weeks.
I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which has been controlled for years now.
I had surgery a week ago for the kidney stones and have been living off of painkillers since then. -Hopefully the painkillers won't be necessary after I get the stent removed on Wednesday! I've been sick for about a month now and I look forward to feeling well(ish)
So that's my story. I'm additionally 40 years old, have 2 wonderful children (5 years old and 2 year old), a patient husband, a snuggly schnauzer and a dim cat.
I was very active before all of this happened and was planning on running in my first 5K this past weekend. Clearly that didn't happen. I'm a little overwhelmed I guess. I just noticed that I'm starting another flare as my joints in my ankles and knees are sore and the rash on my hands and legs is coming back.

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Welcome to the forum Deb

But I am sorry about your diagnosis and recent operation. It is very possible that the operation has triggered a lupus flare since our immune systems rev up to protect us against any assault, as it perceives it, and to promote healing. Immune system activity involves inflammation which takes place indiscriminately and thus worsens autoimmune activity and existing inflammation A good GP is half the battle though and he might consider giving you a short course of Prednisone to calm everything down.

Clearly this is a very bad time for you so focus for now on getting over the operation and don't fret about the future. You must be quite fit wehich will help recovery. Remember the anesthetic affects the central nervous system too and those effects can last way beyond physical recovery - one day for every year of your life I have been told - and can include depression. You can use this enforced inactivity to practise relaxation techniques and positive healing thoughts

Remember that most of the people who post on forums have problems and those who are living very well with their lupus well controlled with a minimum of medications do not usually use forums. So don't assume the worst. Maybe you will be able to resume running again.
Many people with lupus respond very well to the medications. Your life might not be exactly the same because most of us have to make some sort of adaptation to our lives especially not pushing ourselves to the limits but it can be as good.

Let us know how you get on :) There's a wealth of information and support here so ask for any help you need. There's usually somebody who has similar experiences and everybody understands.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Bye for now

PS Do your best to get a rheumy who specialises in autoimmune connective tissue diseases - that can make all the difference.

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Hello Deb and welcome :)

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and what brings you here. I can understand you feeling overwhelmed. There are times that it is an overwhelming disease and diagnosis can be a very hard time even if you have been searching for what's wrong for years.

The one thing that I have learned is to come here and share that frustration and the hard times. Naturally, I tend to go into my shell when things are not OK but the response I have received here each time I have needed it has taught me that it makes it all so much easier to cope with.

I hope you are soon feeling a lot brighter and that you recover well from your surgery.

hugs :hug:
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