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Hi my name is Shawna and I am new here. I have many health problems but I also have a variety of other symptoms that are not involved in any one diagnosis yet. I don't know how to best word this post so I'll just post the symptoms I have.

I have very painful joints. Not all of the time of course, but it comes and goes. When they are flaring up it really hurts. Right now I am trying to type with my right wrist wrapped in a tensor bandage because my right wrist is flaring up and the only thing that will help is keeping it really still. My left wrist is sore too but not as bad as my wrist and my knees are also bothering me. Like I said it seems to come in waves - right now is a bad one.

I also have muscle aches and pains a lot of the time. And headaches, alot of headaches.

I have extreme fatigue. I do have 3 kids so that explains some of it but the fatigue is beyond normal. I can barely function some days.

I have a weird rash on my hands, knees, legs...well pretty much everywhere at one point or another. It is red, raised and itchy. I know lupus rashes aren't usually itchy but I haven't been able to find any cause for it so I thought I'd list it.

I am anemic. I've had problems with that for years. I also have swollen glands.

I have a butterfly rash on my face but it isn't as bright red as most of the pictures I've looked at on the internet. It is a pink rash, it is always there and gets worse when I get overheated. But it is definitely in the butterfly shape.

I know this isn't a lupus symptom but I also have tremors in my hands and feel weak all the time.

As for existing health problems already I have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, gastroesophagael reflux disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

So any input for me? Am I being prematurely concerned or is it a possibility?

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Hello there,

I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling so rough. Many of the symptoms you describe could well be lupus or another auto-imune disorder.

If you haven't already done so, you could take a look at the criteria and alternative criteria for diagnosis at the top of this section. I think that you ill find that many things fit.

A lot of us get itchy rashes so I think that you'll find it's not that uncommon.

I think that a referral to a rheumatologist, preferably one that specialises in auto-immune diseases would be a good idea. Even then, it can be very difficult to find out what's going on and to get a diagnosis as these diseases are very complex.

Most GPs will not carry out the necessary specific blood tests that can help in diagnosis.

bye for now, please keep us posted on your progress :)

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Welcome to the forum
I definitely think you should see a rheumatologist as something is clearly very wrong right now, already. I don't know what premature worry is really in this context. There are a few diseases very similar to lupus called autoimmune connective tissue diseases.
The sooner whatever disease it is, is identified and treated the better the long term outcome and overall quality of life for yourself and your family. I would much rather tell you not to worry, but I am going to encourage you to get this investigated as soon as you can as you already are concerned and suspicious. It is better to know what one is dealing with than spend time deliberating and debating with yourself if such and such fits into the picture or not.

As Katharine says these are complex diseases which can have a wide variety of symptoms. A biopsy of your rashes could point to diagnosis, in fact one look at them and it might be immediately apparent to an experienced eye. Many autoimmune and lupus rashes itch like crazy whatever the sources say. The facial 'rash' isn't always very bright it can be a mild flush, even looking rather healthy. Naturally pictures tend to show the most obvious cases if not the worst.
So take your courage in your hands and start seeking some answers. We'll help you all we can so don't hesitate to ask for any help and information.

Bye for now

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Hi Shawna welcom to the site you will get some great advice and friends here have you been to your doctor has he refered you to a rhumy yet if not ask him to do that for you everyone has diffrent symtoms as clare says get your self seen Wishing You All The Best Elisabeth:)

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I think with your symptoms, autoimmune causes should be looked into at the very least. Definitely consult with a rheumatologist. Given your other diagnoses and the anemia, I would also want to make sure that you don't have Celiac's disease. Initially, blood tests can be run to check for that but ultimately they need to examine endoscopically to determine if you have it or not. Hopefully they've done that already if they've diagnosed you with IBS as that is technically a diagnosis of exclusion.

Celiac's can cause many of the symptoms you have too... and we have a few members here that have both lupus and Celiacs. Good luck with everything, look around in the Find A Doctor section of the site for any rheumy recommendations in the area (or post asking if there are none!). A *good* rheumy is paramount!
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