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Hello there :) and welcome

I'm sure that you'll find there's a wealth of info here and also some very caring and supportive people.

If you are newly diagnosed try and limit the information you look for to the well known hospital sites such as the London lupus centre, the John Hopkins centre and, of course the lupus site linked to these message boards.

There is a lot of outdated and frankly scary information out there and you have to be very careful what you look at.

You will gradually learn what you need to know and your docs will, of course, be essential in that journey. I presume that you have already seen a rheumatologist (perhaps already for some time) or are seeing one very soon.

You can stay "positive" (and smiley) as with today's treatment a huge number of lupus patient go back to leading pretty much normal lives. Treatment does take time to kick in and it takes time to find the right "mix" for each person so you may need a good deal of patience but it is important to think that you will get there.

I hope that you enjoy being here and feel free to ask any questions you may have,

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