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6 years ago I was dx'd with Crohn's disease and auto immune disorder that attacks the digestive track from head to behind. A little later I was told I don't have Crohn's then I did then I don't then I do and now I am back to no you don't. Since being taken off all my Crohn's medicines a year ago I got rashes and infections from the top of my head to my toes. Now my PCP thinks that I have had SLE this whole time and the Crohn's medicines (Imuran, Remicade, Prednisone) where keeping the Lupus at bay. Right now I have three differnt types of rashes going on, I have a yeast rash, and two other ones that they haven't been able to figure out yet.

When my PCP put me on Plaquanil (sorry about the spelling I am terrible at it) I got H.Plory infection in my stomach and ended up with 23 stomach ulcers from it. I have finished up all medications for that infection but I still have these patchey red bumpy rash on my arms and the round red patchey rash on my legs. I live in Central ORegon and there are no Rheumy here accepting new Patients that means traveling to Roseburg, Eugene, Salem, Portland or somewhere where there is a Lupus specialist. If anyone could recommend one in ORegon I am open. I have to travel 3-4 to any of the above locations so anywhere in Oregon will be fine.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your group.

AKA: Debbi B
Metolius Oregon (34 miles north of Bend)
Mom to three wife of 21 years.

4 misscarriages
Multipul Drug allergies
Stomach Ulcers
Skin Rashes

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Hi Debbie and welcome to the board.

I am so sorry that you have dealt with so much. I can understand ulcers and I sympathize with you on this. I had to have my entire stomach removed due to ulcers and even since the surgery I am still getting them.:mad::mad::mad:
Doctors feel mine is auto immune related too.

Do a search here on the board to see if there is a good Rheumy anywhere near you that you may not be aware of. Traveling 3-4 hours is just crazy for a doctors appointment. You must live with the corn fields.:lol::lol::lol:

I was dx with Multiple Sclerosis long before they realized I did not have MS but instead Lupus. It does take time for it to show in the blood work for some of us. Rashes are so common in Lupus. I would suggest a Dermatologist and skin biopsy for these if they are persistent.

Hope to get to know you better and please join me in the chat room sometime. Let us know how you get along moving ahead.:wink2::wink2:

By the way with 4 miscarriages I am wondering if you have APS or have been tested for it? If not you may want to ask your Rheumy to test you for this. Migraines are also common with APS too. (Antiphospholipid Syndrome or Hughes Syndrome)

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Hi Debbie,

Welcome to the lupus site.

You have been threw so much.:( It is quite a roller coaster ride for you.

To find a doctor you might want to post in "Find a Lupus Doctor."

You are right that finding a rhumey that know lupus is a must. Have you thought about any teaching hospitals? That might be a good source.

Take care,

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Hi Debbi,
Welcome to the board. I do understand where you live. Have been to Bachelor's Mountain for skiing several times. Lovely area, very rural and spread out.

Is there not a rheumatologist in Bend? I understand the other areas, but hoped with all the growth in Bend it had managed to get a rheumy.

I think there are a couple in Salem. The PNW LFA chapter has held walks in Salem a couple years. In winter that could be a bit of a problem going over the pass tho.

I agree that you might get a hit by posting down under the Doctor section.

I found that my sle migraines were immensely increased with plaquenil. I've known a few other people who had similar problems, so you may need to discuss it with your doctor.

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If you do have lupus that would explain why it is taking so long to get rid of your infection. You may have to take the medicine a second time in order to finally get rid of the infections. I am not sure that you have lupus but the things you are describing are sounding auto immune for sure. I encourage you to stay on top of the doctors and getting you help. We are all here for you if you need us.
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