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New here

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Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed with SLE just over a year ago. Luckily my wife is a registered nurse and made me go back to drs repeatedly until I had a sensible answer for my rash and fatigue. Now my father has also been diagnosed with lupus, for many years he was told he had sjrogens. I'm now on Plaquenil and it's working. Though my reumatologist says my anti- DNA is still too high but otherwise everything else seems OK.
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Hi there Wavemac

Welcome to the Forum. Nice to meet you.

Its great to hear that the plaquenil is working for you and also that your Rheumy is keeping an eye on the anti dsDNA antibodies. Mine stayed quite high for over a year after starting Plaquenil but eventually came way down - whether it was the introduction of low dose pred into my medications or the Plaquenil taking a while to do its job, I'm not sure.

There used to be a strongly held belief that anti dsdna antibodies were an indicator of disease activity but more and more I read that this isnt always the case. Even within my own Rheumy dept they have different opinions:rolleyes:

I presume, with your wife being a nurse and your Dad a Lupus patient also, you are fairly well informed of the connection between anti-dsdna antibodies and a higher incidence of kidney disease? Hope you get your urine checked regularly for protein at all of your appointments? My kidneys are fine and healthy and show no signs of involvement.

Looking forward to hearing more from you
Take care for now
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Hello Wavemac and a big welcome here.
x Lola
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