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Hello All, I'm new here, was dx in "95" and it would be great to share experiences and stories :wink2: Marie47
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Hi Marie,
Welcome to the Lupus Site.:) It is nice to meet you.

It will great to share experiences with you. It is great to meet someone who has been dxed for such a long time. I am sure you have good advice to share with us as we do to you.

The Lupus Site is full of caring members who help each other out.

Take care,

Hello Marie and welcome :)

It's good to also hear from people who have been dealing with lupus and its ups and downs for longer and I'm sure your experience will be very valuable.

This site is a great place for support when you need it and also a great place to have a laugh and, as you say, share stories.

Hello Marie,
Welcome here. The people are great. Jump in and enjoy yourself.
x Lola
Hello and welcome to the site. I look forward to chatting with you and getting to know you a little better. I hope you are feeling well today. I hope that you find the site informational and helpful.

Hello Marie! Just Wanted To Say Hello And Welcome You To The Lupus Site. I Think You Will Find It Very Informative-it's The Best Around! So Many Caring , Supportive , And Loving Friends Here. Hope To See You In Chat Soon. We Have A Blast In There . Also Have A Great Support System! Come To Meet Some New Friends Soon! Gsd77 :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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