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Hi everyone

I am new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. I haven't been diagnosed as yet but seem to be able to relate to all the postings.

I started with a rash and was prescribed Prednisol and fexofenadine, which I still currently take. It then progressed to mouth ulcers, headaches etc.

I am under a dermatologist at the moment and he is conducteing various tests (I had a skin biopsy at the last visit).

Does anyone know about a medicine called Dapsone which he mentioned the last time I saw him.

Look forward to joining you

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Welcome Shazpa ! :)

I replied to your question about Dapsone here

I would want to know why my doc was suggesting this particular medicine which has a rather specialised use and is used rarely in lupus. As far as I know that is ! I have only met one person on a lupus forum in about ten years. She was taking it for terrible mouth ulcers that hadn't responded to any other treatment.

The thing is that the anti malarial Plaquenil is the first drug used in lupus for general disease control and it's especially effective for lupus skin. It seldom has any serious side effects. It's also used sometimes for a few other skin conditions.

Dapsone isn't an alternative to Plaquenil for systemic disease modification.

Do you know what blood tests have been done and who first mentioned the lupus possibility? It does sound as if your doctor isn't explaining much to you. Maybe the biopsy will provide some answers.

Let us know how you get on please and good luck !


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Hello and Welcome to the site. I don't know anything about that medicine but I am sure someone on the site will be able to help you with that medicine info. Glad to hear that you have had a biopsy and please let us know what they find out and if we can help in anyway.
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