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Hi my name is lori from the usa (new jersey) ive been dx with sle 4 years ago i was on imran for 3 yrs. and stoped working i was then put on methx. for 10 months now but was taken off it because it was affecting my liver so my dr. took me off the med for six weeks. i do take 5mgs. of pred. daily. my concern is that I've never been off my meds to controll my lupus and afraid i will get a flare. has anyone else have a problem with high liver counts on methx.I enjoy reading this sight very much i can relate so well .:) Thanks
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welcome lori

Hi lori
I first of all wanted to welcome you to the sight.I sure hope you find it as helpful as i have have:).I have not ever taken metho but i am sure you will get lots of people on here that have.I sure hope you can continue feeling well without the metho((((((hugs)))))).There is so many wonderful caring people in here to help you through your tuff times and to help you laugh when you need to also.Take care of yourself and look forward to getting to know you and maybe even chat with you sometime in chat:).

Hi, and welcome to the board,
I have been on methotrexate for 17 years. Fortunately, I have not had liver liver has held up....this long! It does baffle my oncologist.
I have a summary of my history with methotrexate down under the cytotoxic drugs if you want to know more.

Hang in there, you will succeed.
Just wanted to say hi. I dont have any experience with methotrexate I am afraid. I hope that you continue to stay well.

Generally I do well on Methotrexate. Many respected Consultants feel that unless your Liver results go above 3 x normal you are okay to continue. Obviously I do not know what the view is where you live.

Welcome here, and Lori is a pretty name.
x Lola

Hi Lori,

I'm new to the site too and only recently diagnosed so i have no knowledge or advice to give, but just wanted to say hello :)

Donna x
Increased liver counts are certainly a known side effect for methotrexate. Be sure to discuss any and all other meds you take with your doctor including over the counter medicines as they can also contribute to liver issues.

Very understandable you are concerned about flaring up being on no meds for lupus for 6 weeks. Have you ever tried Plaquenil to help control lupus? For most, it is the first medication prescribed and is often kept on board even when other medications become necessary due to many beneficial side effects. This is something you could ask your doctor about. The 5mg of prednisone also offers some protection against a lupus flare so you're not completely "unprotected" right now.

Best wishes that your liver counts quickly return to normal and you can find another medication that will help you for the future. And Welcome! :)

Thank you all for welcoming me and for the advice. This site is great I learn a lot and love to read others story's.They no longer have a surpport group hear in N.J. so iam so glade I found this sight. Thanks again looking foward to chatting with everyone:)Lori
Hi and welcome to the site. We had a chance to chat in the chat room the other day, I hope that you enjoyed it and found some information useful. I hope you are feeling well.
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