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New - in remission - diagnosed 2 years ago

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Hi All,
My name is Toni and I was diagnosed after I had my son in Dec. of 2006.
My kidney function was at 15% and improved to 45% and stayed there for 6 months. I started to see a naturopath and am now at 89%, have been in remission for over a year and am being weened off my medication to try to have another baby. I remember being diagnosed and thinking we would likely not have anymore children so - now that we can think about it again, I thought I would sign up and get as much information and read some other experiences with pregnancy and just really have somewhere to chat with people who have also been diagnosed. I myself don't know anyone with Lupus so it's always hard to explain the uncertainties of how, why, when and what's the treatment to anyone who doesn't know.
I look forward to hearing from some of you! :)
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Welcome to the site and it's wonderful to hear from people who have gone into remission for long periods of time. We have a great pregnancy forum and you can also search for posts on specific topics if you have an interest in something in particular.

Best wishes for getting pregnant soon and chances are very good you'll have healthy baby and pregnancy. Good luck and welcome again. :)
thanks for the info - I look forward to checking out the other threads!
Hello Toni, Welcome here. What a lovely thing it is that you can try for another baby. So pleased for you.
x Lola
Hi Toni,
Welcome and congrads on the baby which I guess by now is not a baby lol. You should post in the pregnancy part of the site and hopefully there is someone just like you out there and you can do it together. Congrads on the remission also, hope it stays that way for you for a long time. Good Luck with the up coming new baby I am sure all will go well and normal.
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