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Welcome to the forum luthien33.

It's really a mix bag of emotions when told you have lupus. On one hand you are relieved that you have found out what is going on, then on the other hand you long for your life before lupus. I'ts like a grieving process.

Once you get on the right mix of meds things should look up for you.

Maybe you could call your rhumey and let him know you are not sleeping? One of the side affects of prednisone is not being able to sleep. I call it the love/hate drug. Love how it makes you feel and hate it for the side affects.

Learning to listen to your body is about the best advice I can give you. ( I need to listen to my advice) Pushing threw pain will only result in more pain and fatigue. We all know that feeling of feeling great then over doing it.

Here is a link to the homepage of this forum. It has loads of information on it.

Take care,
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