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New member -Not sure what to do now

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Hi my name is Michelle and I'm really looking for some guidance on my next move. I have recently been diagnosed as having had Kikuchi's disease which is inflammation of the lymphnodes. It is a self healing disease but it seems to have links with Lupus. Before I was diagnosed with Kikuchi's, I had been at my doctor with pains in my hands,knees and heels and have not had any joy in a diagnosis for this. The doctors are continually testing me for under active thyroid to try and explain hair loss (not severe but enough to make me worry) and fatigue. All these things point to Lupus.... What should I be asking my doctor for? I've read through a few of the posts on here and it seems that there are several people extremely frustrated with the doctors and the tests! Can anyone help or give me some advice on what to do?
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Dear Michelle,
Welcome here. Sorry you are unwell. Are you in the Us or Uk? I am in the UK, and have no real idea of the way things work anywhere else. Lupus can be hard to diagnose and sometimes time is needed, which makes it very frustrating.
You are quite right that many people have a hard time getting help.
Wherever you are we will all be here to do what we can for you.
x Lola
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