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Hi Carol,

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum. My Mum also has lupus and she has been pretty unfortunate with her treatment and follow up in the past. I am a lot luckier. Despite that she is a very "healthy" 70 year old - maybe that can reassure your husband a little. The way I see it is that we will probably live longer than anyone else as most of us have had to adapt life and slow down a bit and probably live with a lot less stress than the rest of the population.

I was put on azathioprine to try and reduce the amount of steroids I was taking. I have found it to be a great drug and am lucky enough not to have any side effects (When I started taking it I was careful to build up slowly to avoid any nausea issues). It has helped reduce some of my symptoms though I'm not yet a good example as I have had to stay on prednisolone due to a myositis overlap.

I have two children and two step children so you can imagine the number of bugs floating round our home :lol: but I still haven't even caught a cold that anyone has. I obviously don't "intentionally" expose myself to people suffering from highly contagious things but for me at least, immunosuppressants have not done any harm in that area. I tink the doses we take them at reduce that risk sgnificantly.

On the whole aza has far less side effects than prolonged predisolone use and that's why rheumies will prefer it for long-term treatment.

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