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hi everyone.i have just decided to register.i have been diagnosed with discoid lupus since 2002/3.has had the facial rash and one on my upper arm. i am presently having problem sleeping and sometimes my back hurts.I am very lonely and need support.thanks for any advice about the problems i am now having.

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Hi Kedi,

Welcome to the lupus site.:welcome:
You have found the right place for information on lupus.
You won't be alone here the members are great and we know what it is like to have a chronic illness.

Take care and it is nice to meet you.:)

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Hello Kedi, Big Welcome and sorry to hear you are so lonely. Now you have made the first post, why not tell us a little more about yourself. Do you have family etc. If it makes you more comfortable I wil go first. I have had Lupus , APS and some other things for many years. My Daughter also has Lupus, APS and other stuff. She is nearly 18, my Son is nearly 21, he is a Professional Magician and Entertainer. I do some of his Management. (I can do it from bed with a phone and a laptop, and most of the time I enjoy it-it can be challenging when my brain freezes)

I have a Husband Glenn, two House Cats and one Stray cat who would like to take over.Also a retired Magicians Dove who I love dearly, a budgie, and numerous Pet mice, which were the children's originally. Oh and two Guinea Pigs. I don't walk well and have some strange neurological stuff which makes me very clumsy,but I long ago learned that the rest of the world is unlikely to notice.
My Son has a Partner Jade, my Daughter does not have anyne special. She is very choosy! I am a Christian,but I have friends of all beliefs and none.

I go to St. Thomas' Hosp. in London and see Dr. D'Cruz who is wonderful, even my Daughter gets on with him.
At different times we have taken in other teenagers which I have loved doing. We have had six so far.
x Lola

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Welcome to the Forum Kedi

I hope you will find a lot of support and understanding here from people who know what you are going through:)

What kind of advice are you looking for? Is it advice on how to cope with poor sleep and back problems? Or is it advice on how to beat the lonliness? Whatever it is you are among friends here and there is always someone here to try and help you.

Do you see a Rheumatologist regularly? Have you spoken to him/her about your sleep and back problems? What have they said?

Tell us a little bit more when you are ready and we will try and help.

Looking forward to hearing more from you

Take care
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