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Hello , My name is Jayne Im 28 and I have been unwell for about 15 months since the birth of my daughter dec 2006. I have lots of symptoms which seem to have confused most doctors! they are as follows :

sore throat
get extreme hot and cold times
tight chest
bad tummy
fast heart rate
feel achey all over
low mood
ringing in my ears
trouble sleeping
hair loss ( no bald spots just hair falling out a lot)

I have had loads of B/T and urine tests etc... Im not sure if I have had the ANA test? I have a list of blood tests here and one includes Auto immune antibodies test would that be the same thing?
Im at my witts end really. I have been refered to a CFS clinic but not sure If I have that or not. Im also on propanolol for anxiety as the GP thinks thats what causes my fast heart rate and chest tightness, I dont feel worried tho just anxious about my health!

Stumbled across this site and thought Id see what you all think?
Thanks for listening x

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I would imagine you've been tested for auto-antibodies based on what you said, but I'm not sure if you've been tested for the right ones. Anti-nuclear antibodies are often the starting point, but there are others that should be tested for too. Have you seen a rheumatologist at all or is this just your GP doing the work-up so far?

Be sure that you've been tested for tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease (depending on where you live some are more relevant than others).

It can take a while to arrive at a diagnosis, and it can take a while for bloodwork to become positive too. Obviously something is going on here, and it will be in your best interest to get copies of the bloodwork so you know exactly what has been tested for and what hasn't. Best wishes for some help soon with your symptoms - it's been long over due!

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Hi there, you did not say if you are seeing a Rheumatologist or not, if not, you really need to start there. While waiting for your appt. it wouldn't hurt to check out the CFS clinic, who knows? Make sure that before any dr. appt. you write a list of all your symptoms, and your own medical history. Hope you get a Rheumy appt. soon.

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Thankyou for all the replies , I am going to ask what BT I have had when I go to the docs this week and make sure they have checked for Lupus.
I have not been sent to a Rheumatologist just seen my GP , a neurologist and a liver specialist

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Welcome to the forum Jayne :)

There is helpful info opn diagnosis and testing on this site

The ANA is the usual first test, followed by more specific ones if it is positive.
If the ANA is negative is can be hard to get further testing done. ANA is not specific to lupus and low titres can be found in many conditions.
I don't know what would be included in an "autoimmune antibodies test" - maybe they have all been done. It seems very reasonable to see a rheumatologist at this point but try to get one that knows about lupus.
If there is no supporting blood wrok of any sort diagnosis will depend on the rheumatologists experience and clinical judgement

It might be a great deal of trouble at first but can save a lot of time and heart ache along the line . After all, it can be as important to rule out lupus or a similar autoimmune connective tissue disease

Let us know how you get on and don't hesitate to ask for information and advice - we will help you all we can to get to the bottom of this

Bye for now :)
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