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Hi again Deana and welcome :),

I just wanted to say that when reading these message boards it is very important to remember that many of the poeple who post here are newly diagnosed, not yet diagnosed or the rarer, more severely affected people.

Many lupus sufferers are able to go back to pretty much normal once their treatment kicks in properly. Of course, that can sometimes take some time and medication is very individual. Some lifestyle changes may also be necessary and things like avoiding stress (or rather learning not to get stressed) and pacing yourself are very important.

It is true that the sun is definitely our enemy and is not good for you even if you are lucky enough not to be photosensitive. The sun causes inflammation in people with lupus which can trigger bouts of fatigue and joint pain but can also have more serious consequences because it increases disease activity and can start a flare.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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