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Hi Rochman,

I imagine back in 1992 they weren't using the dx APS as widely as it is now. Are you being monitored by any doctors? I had a very long remission that occured after many years of disease activity. Pre-remission I worked 60 hour weeks and was very active until the year before remission. I came out of remission 5 years ago and have been on the sicker end of Lupus in that I am no longer able to work.

There are many other patients like you, some of them take Plaquenil to keep the Lupus quiet. As has already been said that type of lupus patient generally wouldn't visit a lupus website. I know that if the internet had been like it is now in the early 1990's I wouldn't have been active on a lupus site. It is nice to have people like you post on the boards here. It gives those that are newly diagnosed or in the diagnosis process hope that Lupus can be fairly quiet for some people.

Take care,
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