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New to the site and looking for advice

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Hi there,

I've been looking for some answers in regards to IVF and Lupus for a little while now and came across this board. I was wondering if anyone has any information if its possible to use IVF to become pregnant with a patient that has SLE. I'll supply a bit of information about myself below.

- Diagnosed with SLE when I was 16, shortly thereafter I found that I was pregnant as well. Had my daughter in 2000, with a few complications along the way. (Toxemia the final week of pregnancy).

- In 2006, found that I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my son and left fallopian tube. After more tests, had to remove my right tube as it was completely blocked as well.

- I'm in a serious and settled down relationship and we would like to have a child together. Bad part is, I have no tubes and he had a "V" 3 years ago before we met.

- Currently on Aralen for my lupus flare ups and have been in remission fairly well for the last few years. Minor joint pains daily, but no serious issues have arisen.

I would like to find out if I am able to try IVF including the hormone supplements safely or if this would cause a huge flare up for me. We have both agreed that if the IVF could possibly harm me, then we won't do it. However I really do want another child as well. Any info you may have for me is greatly appreciated. I also have an appt with my lupus specialist in January so I'm hoping that will give me more information as well.

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I do have a couple of friends who have had IVF. One of them found that the need to be without strong painkillers was the worst thing. I don't know very much about IVF in Lupus but it is clearly possible in some cases.
Good Luck to you, and I am very sorry you lost your Son.
x Lola
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