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New to this site...first post!

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Hi everyone

I'm new to this site. I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) a week ago and I'm feeling such a mix of emotions - relieved that I finally know why I am in so much pain and that everything I've been feeling is not in my head, and scared because Lupus sounds awful and I don't want it to affect my life.

I've spent the last hour or so reading posts and hearing other peoples' advice. It is so helpful to be able to do this and it's such a relief to know that there are other people with Lupus who can support one another.

I was given a steroid injection last week to help with my muscle and joint pain (which is my biggest problem at the moment) but it has made me feel worse so I am off work at the moment. I am going to start on antimalarials as soon as I have seen my GP and I really hope they start to work!!

Will look forward to chatting with you all.
Best wishes,
Meriel x :rotfl:
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Welcome to the site. This is a wonderful place, everyone is supportive and their advice is invaluable. The chat room is great, we can get a bit silly but hey we all need a laugh!

Just a word of caution, not everyone suffers as some of our members do. You will find that most of the people who visit the site on a regular basis are the most severly affected by the disease. Those of us who are less affected are out living life and have little time for posting or much need for advice. Lupus is the disease of 1,000 faces and it affects everyone a little differently.

It sounds like you have a good doctor who is working with you to improve your condition and quality of life. Anti-malarials are usually the first course of action and help many with the aches and pains.

Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing.

Welcome again - Stephanie
Hi Meriel,


I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago in April. I have been here ever since. This is the best place i know to get information, express my feelings and get sympathy,empathy and a world of support.

I don't have family living near me and what family i do have just think i'm in pain alot. So you can imagine how helpful this site could be and has been for me.

The people here are my lupus family and friends.

I"m sure you will find it as pleasureable as i do, coming here.

Take care of yourself and hopefully i'll see you in chat soon.
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Hi Meriel

Just to say welcome to the site. I too was diagnosed with SLE recently and am also waiting for my medication to work. Hopefully they will kick in for us both.

L30 xxx
Hi Meriel and welcome to a great forum where you will find supportive people with a lot of knowledge about this disease always ready to help and answer any questions you may have.

I think once you get started on the meds and give them time to work you will feel much better.

I am newly dx with Lupus myself and still learning so much but wanted to welcome you.

Hope to see you in the chat room.:wink2:

Just to say hi to you, and welcome to this site;)
I agree once you start your meds you will begin to feel much better, lupus IS livable, although you,will go through all the differant stages of thought.
I have lupus discoid lupus, fibramialga, osteoparosis and asthma lol!
I will say that once you get put on planquinil (anti malarials) they do take up to 6 months to kick in but they do work, they worked for me, and i now feel much better then i did when first diagnosed, i was very poorly then.
I wish you all well and take good care of you.
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