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Hello everyone my name is Sherri and I have Lupus , Hypocomplimentric Uticaria Vasculitis ( I am sure I spelled that wrong LOL) , Fibromyalgia, a form of glaucoma in my eyes and I keep having pancreatitis attacks. I just ran into this site last night I read a post from someone else who had the kind of vasculitis that I have and was talking about the swelling in the lips, eyes, face and neck area and that was so weird to me that someone else experiences the same thing that I have been living with for a long time. I didnt feel so alone anymore. I am so happy to have ran into this website ! God Bless you all I am looking forward to getting to know you all.
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Hi Sherri,:wavey:

Welcome to the site. It is nice to meet you.

You are right you have found a great place with caring members and good information about lupus.

Take care,
Welcome here Sherri ! I am glad you have found your way and hope it will make all the difference to you. Just knowing other people have similar problems is a great comfort. It can be so lonely living with these diseases and having nobody to discuss the difficulties with. I hope you'll will find it very helpful, not only the support but perhaps information about treatment options.

I expect you saw the main thread about HCV but here's the link anyway :)

Bye for now :)
Hi Sherri

Welcome to the Forum :) I also have SLE and Fibromyalgia. I hope you enjoy being part of our community and that you get some good support and advice.

Looking forward to getting to know you

Take care for now
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