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Hello Joanna,
Welcome here,
Lupus friends are very important. You will definitely benefit from being here. It sounds a bit disrespectful to family and friends to say that there are some things only another Lupus patient can identify with but it is true. I don't know how badly affected you are, but some of the symptoms can be bizarre and sneaky, constantly changing. It is no wonder it is hard for people to understand.

I hope Counselling others has given you insight into your own situation.
Hydroxychloroquine is very good, although it will take a while to benefit you.
Side effects are pretty minimal so don't be anxious, assume you will be fine.
The exception to this is if you get a severe rash from taking it, in that case stop quickly! There are substitutes you can take. Myself and my Daughter are on Mepacrine for this reason.

I am sure your Daughter is lovely, don't worry that your illness will affect her adversely, if anything the reverse is true. My children grew up with a compassionate outlook, empathy and the feeling that they hadn't missed out by having a sick Mum.

Talk soon,
x Lola
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