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New Today and would like some info please

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Hi there, I wonder if anyone has any adeas on my condition. Last year I was diagnosed with underactive Thyroid. Around two months later I had a rash over my nose and cheeks. Doc tested and found that I had elevated liver enzymes and low red blood count and slight signs of inflamation. I have really painful joints, severe tiredness, sleeplessness, reynauds, fever, mouth and ear sores, headaches, nausea and dry mouth/eyes. I also but not always, suffer from dizziness and a constant ringing in the ears. I am waiting to see Reumy on 30th September. Meantime I constantly feel bad and have a severe pain in the upper abdomen. Sometimes I think I feel slightly better for a time, but then all the symtoms crowd in again. Do any of these symtoms sound familiar to anyone? Thank you in anticipation.
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Hello there and :welcome:

Some of those symptoms do indeed sound familiar. They certainly merit further investigation and it's great that you have already arranged to see a rheumatologist.

The problem with lupus and other auto-immune diseases is that they are incredibly complex and not easy to diagnose as i'm sure you already know.

Do let us know how you get on and if you have any questions before going, don't hesitate,

Thanks Katharine. I feel pretty low today, so decided to do something constructive and make enquiries to people who know. My Doc suggested Sjorgens, but on the little I know about Lupus, it sounds more like the symtoms I've been suffering. Maybe the Rheumy will make a positive diagnosis. Kind regards to all.
Hi again,

Don't worry, we all feel low from time to time and being able to share that with people who understand the pain and frustration is very important.

I hope that your rheumy specialises in auto-immune diseases and that the appointment is constructive.

Thanks Katharine, I'll let you know when I see the Rheumy. I hope you keep well. Kind regards.
Hello to you.
I was just reading your message and thought i would reply.
As you have already read, your symptoms seem very much like lupus, but also agree that it's very hard to diagnose as it imotates so many things at one time.
I do hope that you are feeling a little better, and hope that when you see the hospital that they can tell you what you need to know, and start you on some kind of treatment to help you feel much better.
I to have lupus with many other things thrown in, but it is livable honest, you get to know your own body and what it's telling you.
Keep well and will like the rest of the people on this website wait to see how you get on!
Good luck ;)
Debbi xxx
Hi there:)

Welcome to the Forum. Have you had that severe abdomen pain checked out? It could be unrelated to your other symptoms. Gallstones might be a possibility and it would be worth your while asking if you can get an ultrasound done to check. I mention it because I had severe abdomen pain in and around the same time as many of my other symtoms started. It was a while before my GP got round to sending me for a scan and lo and behold I had a heap of gallstones. I eventually got my gallbladder removed.

As far as your appointment with the Rheumy goes, make sure you write down as much as you can remember of a symptom list. Its all too easy to forget some things when we are flustered during an appointment. Be sure to mention your under-active thyroid as well. I also have hypothyroidism and it is relatively common in people with autoimmune problems but not exclusively so.

If you are in pain a lot, rank your pain levels on a scale from 1-10 so that you can get across to the Rheumy the level of pain you are experiencing. Also if you can get pictures of your rash when its present, that can be very useful. Start keeping a diary from today and note your symptoms between now and your appointment.

Usually at a first appointment they will also ask for a family medical history so maybe do some thinking about that now.

Do you have to get any blood tests before your first appointment? If not, dont expect too much from the appointment as the Rheumy will likely want to run some blood tests to see if anything is showing up. You will probably be given a follow up appointment but dont forget to ask about some symptom relief in the meantime.

If I think of anything else I will come back and post again. Im a bit tired at the moment:) If we can be of any further help dont hesitate to ask

Best of luck and let us know how it went

Take care for now
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