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I have not been feeling well for a few years.
My muscles are achy and I am tired most of the time.
I have not found any answers from my gp.
My symptoms are:

-extreme headaches

-achy muscles

-sores in my nose (that keep coming back after using antibiotic ointment)


-brain fog (sometimes I just can not think)

-Photosensitivity (I get hives (or rash) when I am in the sun. I do not burn I get hives. I got a rash on my arm a few years ago from sitting in the car for two hours.)

-My face is always red on my cheeks. (I think it looks like the malar rash.)

-I have had a low grade fever off and on for the last year and a half

-swollen lymph nodes all over (they did a biopsy and told me they were reactive, and may never go down, but I have noticed more popping up)

-lumps in my leg (I had one in each leg since I was a teenager, but I noticed several (at least 20) this summer.) I also have two lumps on each side of my back. they are in almost the same spot on each side, and they are the same shape. The lumps are just below my last rib.

-itchy skin

-allergy to sulfa antibiotics (reaction was a rash from head to toe)

I have not been back to the doctor since my lymph node biopsy came back normal. They said I do not have any infections.

I am trying to get in better shape to see if that will help. So far, no luck.

My bloodwork is normal.
I had CBC with diff, Sed Rate, thyroid (TSH).

I may just need to put up with the way I feel, but I just wanted to know if lupus shows up in a lymph node biopsy? and Can you have Lupus with a normal Sed Rate?

I don't know if these are lupus symptoms. I just wanted an opinion on where to go next if anywhere.

Thank you,
Cindy in Pa
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