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To answer your specific questions: lupus does not show up in lymph node biopsies and you do not need an elevated sed rate to have lupus. An ANA test should be run to start investigating autoimmune disease since it seems like something that should be considered given your symptoms and the length of time you've suffered from them. Your GP should be able to run this test, but I would ask to be referred to a rheumatologist regardless of the outcome of that blood test. Other ways to investigate lupus would be with a skin biopsy since you get rashes from the sun - a dermatologist should be able to do that. Some people are auto-antibody/bloodtest negative but still get diagnosed with lupus through a skin biopsy.

Since you live in PA, you may want to get tested for tick borne illnesses such as Lyme. Many of the same symptoms are found with those illnesses too; ideally go to an expert on that matter as most regular GP's won't run the best tests for diagnosis.

Good luck - I hope you get some relief soon and an accurate diagnosis too.
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