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New Year Resolutions

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I've decided to give up eating meat (except for fish) for the new year. What about you?
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Mine are

  1. To loose another stone in weight already lost stone and a half.
  2. Get Fitter
  3. And raise money and awarness of Lupus
Oh and Move house lol!

What a nice thread! :)

My new year resolutions are to stay healthy (fingers crossed for that one!:rolleyes:), to relax a little bit more, to travel a lot more, to be able to be well enough and informed enough to help others with similar problems and, of course, last but not least to eat more crisps and ice-cream!!!! :lol:

Instead of a New Years resolution Ive had and end of year one!

I decided during November that I would have an Hospital/Specialist free month for December (as long as health issues didnt esculate). So far i have manage, but still had quite a few visits to the GP as back up!

Last December I was diagnosed with SLE and December was as wipeout, also turned 40 too and was to ill to celebrate!

Physcologically I had a burnout due to many appointments and tests done from five specialists and have enjoyed the break from feeling like my local hospital was my home!

If I do ake a New Years resolution it will be to 'be happy, stay healthy (with the help of a few meds), and not be prodded and poked around as much as in 2008!'

Happy New Year everyone!

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