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Newbie here

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Hi everyone!

Just a quick intro. Im Alex and im a male teenager living in UK, who has just been diagnosed with lupus. In fact, I havent even got my results back from my skin biopsy (getting stitches out on Xmas day - lucky me :p)

I just want to say this site has some great info, greatly appreciated :)

Alex aka filmguy
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Welcome to the forum Alex!
I am sorrry about your diagnosis too. Also amazed at getting any medical services on Christmas Day !
I hope you will find all the information and support on the forum that will help you to get the best possible treatment and live well with lupus.
I don't know how much you know about lupus but most diagnosed people are very fearful about the future as they hear the worst stories. Our members here are not truly representative of the lupus population as all those who are living pretty well normal lives with their symptoms well controlled do not usually post on forums because they have no problems.

I hope your parents are supportive and understanding. They might be interested in the forum too.
Just ask if you need any help of any sort. We will do our best to help you through the difficult times.

Bye for now :)
Hello Alex
I am sorry you are feeling so rough right now and hope the meds will soon help. It can take time and patience to find what suits you best as they always start with the simplest remedies and progress to other drugs if those aren't effective.
If you started the Pred at the same time as the Plaquenil there is no way of telling which is causing the nausea. Nausea and digestive upsets are very common with Plaquenil which is one reason why it should be started slowly and gradually increased. It takes several months to work so a few days at a lower dose makes very little difference. In fact to see which is causing the nausea it would make sense to stop the Plaquenil for a few days.

The Prednisone should kick in quickly. I do not wish to complicate your life but one thing to bear in mind is that antacids prevent the absorption of Plaquenil and Prednisone so ideally they should not be taken for an hour or two either side of taking the medicines. There are other anti nausea meds that might be more suitable.
It is important to take the medicine with food and some people find they need quite a substantial snack.

I may have already suggested using tea tree oil for the infections. No doubt you know to keep your feet at a constant temperature. I am sorry you have to go through all this and hope it won't be long before you're feeling much better and can enjoy life more

When do you see your consultant again and can you contact him meanwhile for further advice on any problems that crop up.

All the best
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